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Jan 2, 2016

Hospitality Industry Professionals Launch Consultancy with a Difference

Hospital-ity Surgery  Launch 28 day Shot in the Arm Health Check.

Prescription for Profit: Fight the Summer attack of customers – and survive with profit.


Two hospitality professionals who have been working collectively within the industry for over 40 years, each achieving successes in their own rights, as well as on joint projects, have now teamed up once again to offer dedicated operational and marketing support for hospitality businesses who need to refocus, and prepare for the busy Summer months.

Alex Nicoll – Pub marketing and hospitality specialist and James Day – Restaurant Marketeer and PR consultant have once again teamed up, and are now offering bespoke packages for new ‘patients’ as part of their popular Hospital-ity ‘Surgery’  at an affordable price – delivered in time for the Summer – with a guarantee of returns for their clients.
“It’s easy to be busy fools “ comments Alex Nicoll, Operational Specialist – “serving lots of eager customers, but finding that once they have left your business and moved on to somewhere else, you remain with no or vey little profit, no recourse to entice them back and no fighting funds for a rainy day. I was always scared of ‘consultants’ but if I had had access to professionals with experience when I first started out, my life would have been a lot easier, and less stressful in the early years, and many mistakes avoided.’

Hospitality business is fickle, and thankless – we all know that. However the Hospital-ity Doctors can help ensure your  business is equipped to not only entice more costumers through your door, but more importantly the right customers, and ensure that what they spend is profitable, and maximsed to ensure your business succeeds, and their experience is enhanced – so they return, and you can invest for the future growth.

Alex Nicoll Hospitality Consultant Leisure Marketing LTDPub Doctor: Alex Nicoll Operations.
From running six successful food led pubs of his own for approaching ten years, then redefining himself as a consultant of food a and accommodation led group operations manager across the UK – with up to 20 venues, Alex is very hands on, always focuses on the bottom line – “what are we in business for?” asks Alex “yes to serve customers, but that is actually the end game, the first base should be on the why is the business there in the first place, and where is the profit coming from?

Opening your own venue may appear fun before you start, but operators soon discover that it’s not – and can turn into a nightmare unless the right checks and balances are put in place from the outset – its easy to loose our way, and the help and refocusing from someone who has experienced most of the pitfalls themselves, can help others get back on track. I just wish I had been brave enough to speak to experienced professionals when I set out – my early years would have been a lot less stressful”.

Direction. As part of their support, Alex will help you focus on where you want the business to be, and put systems in place to ensure these goals are achieved, as well as setting attainable and realistic targets. Do you REALLY Know how much Gross profit you are making – on everything? Do you REALLY know how to address staff issues, and turnaround areas of your business? Alex can help, coach, and action.

James Day Hospitality Marketing ConsultantRestaurant Doctor. James Day Marketing & PR.
Marketing and helping operate over 200 food led businesses over the past 20 years, from Community food led pubs through to Two Michelin Starred restaurants, as well as manage the media PR for top Chefs, and a Director of Leisure Marketing Midlands LTD who provide bespoke marketing Agency services to some of the UK's finest Restaurnts, Award Winning Food Pubs and Hotels.

James’ focus is very practical and down to earth. ‘Many people are scared of ‘marketing’ often misunderstanding it to be just advertising – but that is just one of the tools available to hospitality businesses, and also one that can easily burn a lot of money if not managed correctly – which can be detrimental to those on a tight budget, or more often than not, no defined budget at all. Although Marketing is essentially communicating the overall business offer to the right market, advertising is a last resort, once everything is in place, and often not needed at all. Many of my customers are surprised as to what tools they have within their own business to drive sales for profit, without the need to spend hundreds of pounds doing it”

James will utilise his broad hands on experiences to look at the positioning of the business and what sort of customer should be targeted, and how – using tried and tested methods to help refocus the communications and attract new as well as entice back existing customers. “It’s important to lead a customer through the maze of marketing, it really can be easy, and even fun if applied correctly, with real, tangible rewards for the business and those within it”

Alex and James have recently taken on their own consultancy pub to help turn it around, adopting their no nonsense hands on approach - already increasing weekly takings from £2.5K to £7k in just 6 week. The White Hart in Ironbridge, Shropshire  More Here

Prescription For Profit - The specially created support can be completed in just 28 days, with clear, measureable actions for profit and includes:

Operations Check List:
Mystery Diner Visit ==> Follow up Constrcutive overview ==> Profit Margins Wet & Dry ==> Cost Controls==> Staffing/wage percentages ==> Purchasing ==> Training==> Service standards. Applications and follow ups.

Marketing Check List:
==> Brand assessment ‘Who you are’==> Competitor analysis / benchmarking==> Target Customer==> Internal communications==> Data capture==> Menus/wine lists==> External communications on & off site ==> PR==> Advertisin g==> Data management==> Website==> Social Media ==> Marketing check list. Applications, Follow-UPs.

'Working with Alex and James has really opened our eyes to what is important in our business - James' marketing has made us VERY busy all week, and Alex has opened our eyes as to controls and applying systems,  as we were very surprised and shocked when we realised we were loosing on some dishes and costs were way too high, both issues have now been addressed - enabling us to focus more on the business and worry less about the controls now systems are in place" Chef Patron Suree Coates of Award Winning King and Thai, Brosley, Shropshire


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