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Jan 12, 2012

Michelin Chef Rebranded by LMM

Top Midlands Michelin Chef, Richard Turner, recognised the need to refocus his restaurant, and re-launch himself in the competitive market of the Midlands - Recently recognised as the Foodie Capital of Britain by BBC Olive magazine, Birmingham is becoming more popular with food-o-philes, but More competitive with restaurateurs. Richard Turner who has been established in Birmingham for nearly 5 years, thought it time to call on the professional, and informed support of the Leisure Marketing Team
New logos were created, Social media was embraced and a new website launched in January 2012. Richard Turner commented "We are not really into all this marketing, and prefer to focus on good quality food, and our customers, but we recognised the need to update our brand, and following extensive research, called upon the LMM team to help us - i must admit they have done an excellent job on our new Turners Restaurant website and photography."

Follow Richard at www.twitter.com/turersrestaurantbrum (supported by LMM social Media)



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